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June 8, 2021

Summer School鈥檚 in Session! Anatomy of a Bed 101

Image of well made bed with 桃子视频 pillows, sheets, and mattress encasement.

Summer 2021 looks so much sunnier than last year, and we’d like to help you keep your skills sharp as guests continue to return to travel. We’re kicking off a series of easy go-to guides that you can use to boost the guest experience while keeping a careful eye on your budget—and we promise: no final exams or grades!

Tips for Building an Amazing Bed

Hand drawing of individual hotel bed components, including Circa Bed Wrap, AllerEase Mattress Encasements, Hotel Sheets, Hotel Blanket, and Pillows

1) Start with a great foundation.

Circa Bed Wrap

before and after of circa bed wrap

Hotel bed bases are sturdy, but not always visually appealing. Platform frames or other custom solutions can be beautiful, but expensive. Traditional bed skirts have been a mainstay in many hotels for many years, but guests (and housekeeping teams) have grown tired of the look and the hassle. Originally designed with luxury hotels in mind, the Circa bed wrap story began when 桃子视频’s R&D team was approached by hotels looking for an affordable way to update the traditional guest bed.

Our product engineers and designers invented an easy to install solution that eliminates the need for a bed skirt and modernizes the look of the bed and the entire bedroom. A patented solution that is not available anywhere else, the Circa® Bed Wrap is a faster, simpler, and more affordable way to get the smooth, modern look of a platform bed without the headache. There is no heavy lifting involved and Circa can easily be installed by one person without ever lifting the mattress. Bamboo slats provide internal structure, and the product comes in a variety of colors. Check it out here.

2) Protect those mattresses.

AllerEase® Mattress Encasements

A partially zipped AllerEase Mattress Encasement.

The biggest investment in your rooms is likely your mattresses. A references a hotel guest survey by , which found that nearly 81 percent of travelers say a comfortable bed is the “single-most important” feature in a hotel room.

Now, guests not only want a comfortable bed, but the reassurance that they are protected from bacteria, allergens, bed bugs, and more during their stay.

The AllerEase® Platinum Mattress Encasement has a 4-sided easily removable zip-off top and a DuraFlex™ Base which wraps around the bottom of the mattress. 桃子视频’s AllerEase® Professional line was designed in partnership with executive housekeepers to protect hotel mattresses, and save cleaning and bed make-up time.

The soft circular knit top fabric is backed with a 100% waterproof, bed bug and dust mite barrier technology layer. The barrier fabric, as well as the secure zipper utilized in the AllerEase® Professional line, completely protects hotel beds from bug infestations. Antimicrobial fabric also helps to reduce the occurrence of bacteria, mold, and mildew—protecting your guests and the investment in your guest rooms.

Pop Quiz:
How much do hotels spend on average on dealing with a bed bug issue?

Answer: Hotels spend an average of $6,383 on any given bed bug issue that arises, according to the National Pest Management Association. This doesn’t include damage to reputation or lost revenues while the infested room and adjacent rooms are out-of-service for decontamination.

3) Create comfort with incredible sheets.

ComforTwill® Sheeting

Sheets matter. Given that travel may seem a bit less relaxing at the moment than we remember and with all of the careful protocols hotels have put in place, creating a comforting space for guests to relax depends greatly on the sheets.

ComforTwill® sheeting combines the comfort and style of luxurious cotton with the durability of Centium® texturized microfilament synthetic yarns. ComforTwill® provides cotton-rich comfort, style, and unsurpassed strength.

Disinfecting and cleaning linens is essential, but without bed linens that are specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of industrial processing while maintaining an amazing look and feel, hoteliers may end up spending more on replacement costs as guests return in increasing numbers.

4) Soothe guests with the softness of a filled blanket.

A close-up of the folded interloft blanket.

Something no one would disagree on in debate class: a comfy blanket is awesome!

With an Innerloft® blanket on the bed, your guests can count on a warm, comfortable night’s rest. Our engineers put extra effort into the design of this attractively priced blanket to make it more comfortable for your guests and more affordable for you.

Its hypoallergenic blended cotton/polyester ticking and soft 100% recycled polyester fill combine comfort with resilience. The seven-inch box quilt design resists clumping while adding visual appeal, and the double-needle stitching stands up to frequent laundering.

5) Keep it simple with a beautiful, easy to care for top cover.

Cumulus® Top Covers

hotel bed with cumulus hotel top cover and two stacked hotel pillows

The bed is the first thing a guest’s eye lands on. With everything else there is to think about in your operations, who has time to coordinate the flat ironing of top covers? Science and engineering to the rescue in our Cumulus® top cover.

Warmth without weight, the Cumulus® top cover has attractive puckering that resembles a rolling cloudscape and never needs ironing. The top cover will look great throughout the life of the product and actually improves in comfort and appearance with each wash cycle. Available in plain white and new Storm Cloud, a woven pattern featuring a distinctive grey ripple design.

桃子视频’s exclusive Centium Core Technology® dramatically extends the top cover’s service life and enhances performance. A reduced overall product weight means decreased drying time and significant processing cost savings.

6) It’s okay to sleep in (this) class on comfy, cost-effective pillows.

Chamber Hotel Pillows

ChamberLoft® PillowsChamber pillows provide different filled zones within the pillow for a balance of softness and support that suits a wide range of sleepers.

Our washable ChamberLoft® pillow consists of two outer chambers filled with down-alternative hypoallergenic slick polyester, attached to an inner chamber that is filled with sterilized small duck feathers. Long-lasting comfort at a cost-effective price.

ChamberSoft® pillows are uniquely designed with two types of down-alternative fill. The garnetted polyester fill of the inner chamber core provides long-lasting support, while dual outer chambers surround the core with gel fiber for extra comfort.

ChamberFirm® is perfect for those who want long-lasting firmness. This uniquely designed pillow is engineered with two distinct polyester chambers which provide support and a comfortable night’s sleep.

Raise your hand if you’re washing pillows between every guest stay.

Don’t worry, we know that pillows are typically washed on a “cyclical” basis (monthly, quarterly, or biannually). They are not designed to withstand washes between every guest stay. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to use a zippered pillow protector, as it keeps the pillow cleaner for longer and reduces the need to wash your pillows as often. Think of it like a mask for your pillow!

7) Finish with a throw blanket for extra credit!

Mascioni Hotel Collection Throws

A chic touch for any well-made hotel bed is a tasteful throw draped across the foot of the bed. To learn more about our luxurious throw offerings (and a bonus history lesson on fine Italian textile craftsmanship), check out the .

From the bottom to the top of bed, our team is ready to help you build a better guest experience while carefully managing your budget.

Stay tuned for more tips this summer, and if you have a suggested topic or a question you’d like us to answer, please let us know!