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December 1, 2021

Sustainability and Simplicity with VersaValet Laundry and Garment Bag

VersaValet garment bag with clean clothing hanging in a hotel closet

The have become increasingly obvious within recent years. In response, many hotels are looking for ways to reduce their use of single-use plastics as much as possible. VersaValet™, a reusable, hybrid laundry and garment bag, can help hotels eliminate two sources of plastic waste – both single-use plastic laundry and dry-cleaning bags – from their properties.

How VersaValet™ Works for Hotels

Single-Use Plastics: Why Change is Necessary

It can take for a plastic bag in a landfill to decompose, but even after all that time the bag is never completely gone. Left behind are microplastics that harbor toxins and continue to pollute the planet. These microplastics don’t just hurt the environment, they hurt us. They can cause a range of , including hormonal imbalances, reproductive issues, and even cancer.

The extent of used within hotels is concerning. From toiletry bottles to laundry bags, plastic waste is not endangered, unlike the many animals it affects. This waste also damages the environment and acts as an eyesore, which is detrimental to the travel and , which relies on clean, beautiful landscapes.

Joining The Movement

are cutting back on or eliminating single-use plastic products from their properties. Most have started with replacing toiletry bottles with reusable options such as fixed pumps. These companies aren’t just doing this for the environment, but also to appeal to customers. Sustainability and ethical consumption have recently become large concerns among consumers, as can be seen from the .

VersaValet™: Two in One

Ƶ understands many hoteliers have chosen to use plastic laundry bags because of how easy they are to use. That is why VersaValet™ wasn’t just made with sustainability in mind, but simplicity as well.

VersaValet™ Features:

  • Hybrid functionality – it serves both as a garment and a laundry bag
  • Eliminates need for single-use plastic laundry and dry-cleaning bags
  • Made from 100% recycled polyester (sustainably made)
  • Antimicrobial finish

How it Works:

  • Housekeeping places a fresh VersaValet™ in the guest room closet.
  • The guest fills VersaValet™ with soiled garments/laundry.
  • VersaValet™ is laundered along with the garments. Rest assured – the bag has been tested for colorfastness.
  • The bag then transforms into a garment bag to keep freshly laundered clothes protected.

By switching to VersaValet™, hotels can maintain a simple laundry process that is better for the environment.

Sustainability: The Standard

Environmental sustainability is a focus when it comes to Ƶ’s manufacturing, distribution, and processing. Ƶ has always held sustainability in high regard, especially in hospitality. We pride ourselves in offering a selection of products and solutions that are better for the environment. Contact our team if you are interested in learning more about VersaValet™.