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August 18, 2021

The Ensemble Collection: Powered by Alta Healthcare

Ƶ Interiors is launching its second collection with Alta™ Healthcare. This award-winning, antimicrobial, water-based fabric technology with moisture barrier is designed to deliver the correct level of protection for each application, whether it’s lighter-duty administrative areas or heavy-duty and high-traffic areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms, or food and beverage concessions/dining rooms.

Alta™ repellency technology improves the surface energy of the textile creating repellency to water and oil-based liquids, dust, and airborne particulates. The antimicrobial integrates with the Alta™ repellency to eliminate microbes, bacteria, fungus, and mold upon contact. The combination of Alta™ repellency and antimicrobial ensures a textile is highly cleanable, while reducing odors and microbes between cleanings.

Offering four patterns in various colorways, these indoor fabrics have eco-effective and sustainable technology, that extend the life cycle of fabrics and furniture, and can reduce landfill with proper maintenance. With a competitive price point, these fabrics will bring harmony to any environment needing a little TLC.



The Ensemble Collection

The Ensemble Collection harmoniously groups together fabrics with contrasting movement and tactility. Each fabric tells an individual story through pattern, color, and texture, while still maintaining the ability to coordinate with one another to create the perfect ensemble for any environment.



Reminiscent of summer solstice celebrations involving dance, lush florals, and greenery, this abstract gingko pattern will bring forth movement along with the multicolor background stria. Available in five colorways.



Allusive to movements in a composed sonata, this beautiful, striped pattern gradates into an array of color. The weave pattern variations give depth and texture to this stripe making it visually and tacitly interesting. Available in three colorways.



This fun, geometric pattern presents a unique assembly of intersecting diamond shapes and color that allow the eye to move in various directions. Grounded with a subtle texture, this fabric will add an exciting element of detail into a space. Available in five colorways.



Timeless and traditional will be two of the most influential trends in upcoming seasons. This pattern pays homage to traditional plaid patterns and presents a comforting and familiar aesthetic especially with its brushed woolen hand, making it a perfect option for healthcare settings- especially senior living environments. Available in five colorways.


Award-Winning Fabric Technology with Moisture Barrier

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