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July 16, 2020

Three Ways the AllerEase® Duraflex System Differs from Other Mattress Encasements

Choosing to protect one of your hotel’s most valuable assets—your beds—is essential in restoring trust with guests as they start to acclimate to travel again. In doing so, keep in mind how this affects your housekeeping team and what you can do to make their workload a little easier when addressing room cleanliness.

Mattress protection isn’t new. Mattress pads  have long been standard in the hospitality industry, often blocking liquids from the mattress and offering additional guest comfort. Mattress encasements take mattress protection to an entirely new level.

Rather than only covering the top of a mattress, mattress encasements enclose a mattress completely—from the bottom, up the four sizes, then zippered shut around the top perimeter.

Mattress Protection = Cost Savings

Mattress encasements are a triple win for guests, staff, and mattresses. They protect your sleep experience investment from bacteria, liquids, allergens, pest infestations, and stains, while allowing for maximum mileage from the mattress.

AllerEase® Professional products also provide virus-blocking capabilities. More information on that below.

Without an encasement, you will need to replace your mattress more frequently which adds up quickly. Gaining guests trust in your hotel’s cleanliness measures is priceless, just as is keeping your housekeeping team safe.

In terms of real costs, however, a 100 room, mid-tier hotel could save thousands of dollars per year on mattress replacement costs by using a mattress encasement like the AllerEase® Duraflex™ System.

AllerEase® Duraflex™ System vs Other Mattress Encasements

The AllerEase® Duraflex™ System with Zip-off Top  comes in two pieces: 1) Duraflex™ Base 2) Patent pending 4-sided zip-off top.

The Duraflex™ Base has a unique design to keep all four sides of the mattress encasement in place for easy care, while the zip-off top provides additional loft and comfort for your mattresses.

You have a choice of three options—Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plush – ensuring all levels of hotel rooms are covered. Each top fits the universal DuraFlex™ Base.

The AllerEase® Duraflex™ System was designed hand in hand with executive housekeepers, intentionally addressing and overcoming the installation and maintenance challenges other mattress encasement products have.

Here are three reasons that make AllerEase® Duraflex™ System with Zip-off Top different from other mattress encasements options:

allerease mattress protector corner zipped off

1. Super Easy, One-Person Installation

Since housekeepers will devote more time to the other cleanliness initiatives in your rooms , the last thing they need is to add complexity and coordination to swap a mattress encasement. Traditionally, swapping a mattress encasement has been a two-or three-person job. The AllerEase® Duraflex™ System has revolutionized the encasement installation and changing process.

The AllerEase® Duraflex™ Base can be installed by a single person—and only needs to be changed if it becomes soiled. No need to remove the base when changing the top. The top zips right off and on—offering complete mattress protection.


2. Simple Top Swap Between Guests

The impact of a mattress encasement on your housekeeping staff will save not only energy, but time. The AllerEase® Duraflex™ System with Zip-Off Top makes changing the top a cinch.

When the top needs to be changed, your staff only has to remove the top—not the entire encasement. Housekeepers only need to zip off the top for laundering and replace it with a fresh one between guests. Laundering only the tops, and not the bases, will save your property in laundering costs, plus support your endeavor to provide a fresh and clean room.

3. Three Plushness Options for Your Mattress Encasement Tops

Rather than stocking both a mattress encasement AND a mattress topper, the Duraflex™ System with Zip-off Top combines both. And let’s say you choose a plush mattress pad for your suites and a traditional one for your standard rooms. You can use the same Duraflex™ Base across all beds of the same size and similar depth. Just choose the plushness of the topper that’s right for your rooms.

Offering equal protection, you choose the plushness level—whether it be Gold, Platinum, or Platinum Plus—that is best for your property.

BONUS: Certified Virus Blocking and Antimicrobial Fabric Barrier

AllerEase® Professional is certified as viral blocking with Level 4 CDC (highest level) barrier performance per the CDC’s guidelines. Viruses cannot migrate into mattresses or pillows when covered by the entire line of AllerEase® Professional products.

The antimicrobial fabric utilized in AllerEase® Professional DuraFlex™ Mattress Encasements helps reduce the occurrence of bacteria, mold, and mildew—safeguarding your guests and the investment in your guest rooms. The particular fabric used in the AllerEase® Professional product line does not simply block microbes from getting into mattresses and pillows capabilities. The antimicrobial barrier actually inhibits growth of microbes on the fabric, a unique feature for the AllerEase® Duraflex™ Mattress Encasement line.

By making the switch to the AllerEase® Duraflex™ Mattress Encasement System, you can make a world of difference when it comes to alleviating the concerns of your guests and staff, as well as your hotel’s budget.

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