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June 12, 2023

Triple Sheeting: How to Make a Hotel Bed Without a Duvet Cover

Housekeeper at a hotel making a bed with top cover and triple sheeting

Triple sheeting is a technique designed to address two of the biggest challenges for hotels – room cleanliness and housekeeping labor shortages.

by far for housekeepers, taking twice the time as the next longest task. Beds are also extremely important to guests – with saying a clean bed is their most important cleanliness factor.


Reimagine How to Make Hotel Beds

In the past, hotel beds have been made using either a duvet or a comforter/bedspread. Many properties have moved away from bedspreads due to high laundering costs and negative guest perception. While duvet covers can be more easily laundered, they also take a considerable amount of housekeeping time to remove and replace after each guest stay.

The triple sheeting technique was born as a solution that is not only simple for housekeepers and laundry, but also provides guests with the peace of mind that their bed linens are clean and fresh.


What is Triple Sheeting?

Triple sheeting is a technique where three sheets are used to make a bed, instead of a duvet cover or bedspread.

  1. The first sheet is placed on top of the mattress protector and can be a fitted or tucked in flat sheet.
  2. Next is a flat sheet which lays between the guest and the plush blanket/insert.
  3. Finally, a third sheet (often referred to as a top cover) is used on top of the blanket/insert. The top cover often has decorative stripes or a jacquard woven design to add a touch of sophistication to the guest room.

Triple sheeting has long been a trend in hospitality across all tiers of properties, offering a clean and crisp look. But it’s not simply an aesthetic choice. Let’s revisit why triple sheeting became the go-to method in hospitality – and how you’re missing out if you’re not triple sheeting at your hotel.

Bed made with the triple sheeting method


The Benefits of Triple Sheeting

In short, triple sheeting is a cleaner, faster, and less expensive way to make hotel beds. Here is a deeper look at the benefits of triple sheeting:

  • Cleanliness: Hands down, the triple sheeting method lends itself to a cleaner hotel room. The top sheet can be processed and cleaned between every guest versus a quilted bedspread.
  • Speed: While duvet covers are easily laundered, changing out the cover and processing it drive up the cost and time to change over a room. Even professional housekeeping staff spend three to four times longer replacing a duvet cover than triple sheeting a bed.
  • Cost: A single sheet or top cover is less expensive than duvet covers and bedspreads. If a top sheet or cover is torn or stained, the replacement cost will be much less than replacing the duvet. Laundry costs are driven by the cumulative weight of the items laundered. Since a single sheet weighs half of what a duvet does, the laundering cost is that much less.
  • Easy Room Upgrades: Change your room’s aesthetic with only a swap of the top cover. No need to replace a costly bedspread or duvet.

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How to Make a Bed with Triple Sheeting

There are seven simple steps to follow when triple sheeting a bed:

  1. Place the fitted sheet over the mattress and/or mattress pad.
  2. Place the first flat sheet on the bed, making sure to pull it all the way up to the headboard.
  3. Place the blanket or comforter over the first flat sheet. The top of the blanket should be 12” from the headboard.
  4. The second flat sheet, or top cover, is then placed over the blanket, and is pulled up to the headboard. This will be a similar position to the first flat sheet.
  5. Tuck the top 12” of the second flat sheet/top cover between the blanket and the first flat sheet.
  6. Fold the top 12” of the first flat sheet back, over both the blanket/comforter and the second flat sheet/top cover. This will encapsulate the blanket, providing a complete “turned down” look.
  7. If desired, tuck all remaining material under the mattress starting with the foot of the bed, and then the sides. Neatly tucked corners will finish off the look.




What to Look for in a Top Cover

Now that you’ve decided to make the switch to triple sheeting, it’s time to shop for a top cover. The sky is the limit when it comes to style. Just keep in mind that one of the main reasons you are switching is to save time. With this in mind, you might consider our patented Cumulus® Top Cover. The unique texture is activated when washed and requires no ironing since it is “wrinkled by design”. Your laundry staff will love how simple Cumulus® is to process.

If you prefer a more traditional style, we also have a complete line of performance top covers. From traditional striped top covers to our elegant Reed pattern and the eye-catching Block-on-Block top cover, we have patterns to fit any aesthetic. And don’t forget to check out Impressions, our newest line of top covers. Impressions features both a Crackle and a Solitaire pattern that are sure to impress your guests.

If luxury is what you seek, look no further than the Todd-Avery Lenahan Collection. This five-star sheeting and terry line is reserved for the world’s finest hoteliers. Our Braque, Concerto, and Dune patterns offer an array of dazzling design choices.

Bed with Cumulus Storm Cloud top cover.


Other Time and Money Saving Considerations

Looking for other ways to save your housekeeping staff time when turning over rooms? Triple sheeting is even faster using EZ-ID®, which allows for easy color-coded size identification. Center lock labels also help to quickly identify the center of the sheet. We call this collection of time-saving features ONESTEP® – One Solution to Enhance Productivity.

In addition to triple sheeting, we recommend protecting your mattress and pillow investments with an antimicrobial mattress encasement and pillow protectors. Keep not only viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, and mildew out of your mattresses, but also other allergens, bed bugs, and pet dander as well. Learn more about our AllerEase® Professional line of protection products.


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