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Comfort Experience Zone

Hotels are constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance the guest experience without additional operational costs. When it comes to towels, hoteliers desire to provide a heavier-weight, more luxurious towel to their guests without adding to laundering costs.

The team in our CORE facility met this challenge from our customers head on. The result is our innovative Comfort Experience Zone™.

Graphic illustrating the benefits of our Comfort Experience Zone technology.

Weight Where It Matters

Through initial research, we made a breakthrough observation—the center of the towel is used far more than any other part, meaning the outside edges of the towel add extra, unneeded weight that offers no additional value. What if we could reduce weight on the unused edges and redistribute that weight to the center, where a guest would actually feel a difference?

A stack of two folded Rainfall Elevations bath towels.

Improve Comfort While Reducing Costs

From this concept, we designed an innovative new weaving technique that strategically balance and redistribute the weight of the pile to the center of the towel, where it matters most. That means you get a lower-weight towel that costs less to process, and your guests get the soft, comfortable, and absorbent drying experience they expect, without ever noticing the innovative technology hidden within.

A well-made hotel bed featuring an Elevations comforter.

Innovative Ƶ

Our Gradient and Elevations towels are engineered to provide exceptional guest experience at lower product weights. They arrive Room Ready® and feature Centium Core Technology® for enhanced durability, as well the productivity benefits of OneSTEP®. These two innovative products provide cost-saving benefits to hoteliers while giving guests the comfort and experience they desire.

In fact, the concept was so successful, we implemented the same idea for our ElevationsComforter which features more fill in the middle of the comforter and less on the sides. It features the same effective balance of higher guest comfort and lower laundry processing costs.