Artesano Cotton Bath Rugs

Finish your bathroom look with this elegant, luxurious cotton bath rug

  • 100% high-quality Cotton bath rug听
  • Bold textures and loop stitching to create an alluringly beautiful look
  • Three distinct design patterns: Frame Border, Grid, and Scales
  • Perfectly sized at 20鈥漻31鈥

Everything You
Need To Know

No detail can be overlooked. Especially in your hotel bathrooms. Stepping out of a long, steamy shower onto a cold tile floor is not only uncomfortable, it’s downright dangerous. Thin terry mats or extra towels are often slippery and unimpressive to the eyes and feet. This isn’t the experience you want for your guests. That’s why there’s the luxurious Artesano cotton bath rug.   

Purpose built to treat your guests’ feet, we use only 100% high-quality Cotton, bold textures, and tufted fabric to create an alluringly beautiful and plush experience that elevates any bathroom space. Eliminate soggy towels being used as makeshift bath rugs and upgrade your rooms with the classic look and soft touch of an Artesano Bath Rug.  

These cotton bath rugs are available in three distinct patterns to match any style: Frame Border, Grid, and Scales.  

Ensure your luxurious bathroom look is complete with the Artesano cotton bath rug. Your guests will thank you.  

  • 100% Cotton Bath Rug    
  • Bold Textures and Loop Stitching to Create an Alluringly Beautiful Look  
  • Patterns: Frame Border, Grid, and Scales  
  • Size: 20”x31” 

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