Artesano Non Slip Bath Rug

The perfect blend of safety, durability, and style.

  • Premium silicone backing reduces the risk of slips and falls
  • 100% high-quality cotton for a soft and absorbent experience听
  • Bold texture and loop stitching to create an alluringly beautiful look
  • Perfectly sized at 20鈥漻31鈥

Everything You
Need To Know

Our innovation team was determined to create a non slip bath mat that would improve guest safety while also being durable enough to withstand the heavy use and laundering of a hotel environment. The result – our Artesano Non Slip Bath Rug.

Why Non Slip Bath Mats?

Slips and falls are the leading cause of hotel guest injuries, according to the (NFSI). Not surprisingly, the most common cause of these injuries are wet floors, showers, and bathtubs. In addition to safety grab bars, slip-resistant surfaces are critical to maximizing guest safety in bathrooms.

Traditional hotel bath mats do not feature a non-slip surface and can slide on wet floors or become bunched up, presenting even more of a fall risk. In addition, many of the non slip backings used today cannot withstand the harsh conditions of constant industrial laundering. This can cause the backing to separate from the rug, leaving the same fall hazard as before.

What Makes Artesano Different?

The premium silicone backing on our Artesano Non Slip Bath Rug was engineered to avoid these issues.

  • Durability: First and most importantly, the material has been rigorously developed and tested to ensure the non-slip feature doesn’t break down over time, even after dozens and dozens of industrial laundry cycles. This reduces the need for frequent replacement and extends the product’s lifespan.
  • Stability: In addition, the backing runs nearly the full length and width of the mat, allowing for a firm grasp on the floor. This minimizes the chances of the mat bunching up and creating a trip hazard.
  • Comfort: Purpose built to treat your guests’ feet, we use only 100% high-quality cotton, bold textures, and tufted fabric to create an alluringly beautiful and plush experience that elevates any bathroom space.

Stepping out of a long, steamy shower onto a cold, wet tile floor is not only uncomfortable, it’s downright dangerous. Thin terry mats or soggy towels being used as makeshift bath mats are slippery and unimpressive to the eyes and feet. This isn’t the experience you want for your guests. It’s time to upgrade your rooms with the classic look, soft touch, and added safety of an Artesano Non Slip Bath Rug.

  • 100% Cotton Bath Rug
  • Premium, Non-Slip Silicone Backing
  • Bold Textures and Loop Stitching to Create an Alluringly Beautiful Look  
  • Pattern: Grid
  • Size: 20”x31” 

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