Billy Bathrobes

Enjoy a modern, slim fit that feels fashion-forward with this luxe Heidi Weisel robe

  • The Heidi Weisel Robe Collection offers a new twist on how guest robes should look, fit, and feel
  • Made from double-faced cotton terry jacquard鈥攂oth cozy and sophisticated!
  • Hood adds an extra level of comfort
  • 75% Cotton/25% Polyester dual-layer patterned terry
  • Sizes range from Medium to Extra Large

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Hoping to find a luxurious, comfortable, and stylish robe in her hotel room, New York City fashion designer Heidi Weisel was instead continuously disappointed with un-flattering, un-sized, un-luxurious robes hanging in the closet. Luxury hotel stay after luxury hotel stay, it seemed almost every detail had been considered, except for the hotel guest robes.

After telling her story to 桃子视频’s CEO at a social event, the Heidi Weisel for 桃子视频 Robe Collection was born. To this day, it remains the only fashion-forward, truly luxurious collection of guest robes designed around how your guests want to feel. Because luxury is a feeling.

The Billy Bathrobe projects feelings of comfort and confidence that only a modern slim-fit robe could. Ideal for heading to the pool or sauna, the Bailey Bathrobe’s list of impressive features includes a luxuriously soft hood, double-faced cotton terry jacquard woven pattern, and oversized cargo pockets for carrying a phone or tablet. The luxe velvet terry piping finishes the look to elevate this robe to 5-star elegance.

Your guests aren’t the only ones who will be relaxing. You and your laundry staff can also rest easy knowing that the Billy Bathrobe was built to withstand the rigors of industrial laundering. Strong and durable polyester has been combined with premium double-faced cotton terry to give your guests superior comfort while ensuring these luxurious bathrobes remain soft and bright, wash after wash. Plus, a matching bar-tacked belt prevents loss or entanglement in the laundry and eliminates replacement belt costs.

Your guests want to feel cared for. They want to feel special. Sexy. Inspired. And with the Billy Bathrobe by Heidi Weisel, you’ll deliver an exceptional product that evokes these feelings and connects with your guests on a different level. This isn’t just a robe. It’s a sensory experience.

  • Heidi Weisel Designer Bath Robe
  • Jacquard Pattern
  • 75% Cotton/25% Polyester Dual-Layer Patterned Terry
  • Two Lower Oversized Pockets
  • Attached Belt
  • Hood
  • Size Options Range from Medium to Extra Large
  • Available Colors: White

The Heidi Weisel Robe Collection is the only fashion-forward, truly luxurious collection of guest robes designed for how your guests want to feel. This collection marries guest comfort with high function, featuring thoughtful details such as oversized pockets, stylish hoods and collars, and elegant top-stitching.

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