Blue Stripe Bath Blankets

Unique blue stripes add lasting color & make identifying this 100% cotton bath blanket simple

  • Bleached with 3 blue yarn dyed stripes at each end of the blanket
  • Fast-selvage sides and double-needle hems ensure extended service life
  • Bleaching process removes short staple fiber and 鈥減re-shrinks鈥 the fabric
  • Yarn-dyed stripes are colorfast and aid in identification or sorting
  • All components made from 100% cotton, including fabric, thread, and label

Everything You
Need To Know

Bath blankets are a multi-purpose product that can have many uses throughout a facility. Common applications include an extra bed blanket or a lightweight blanket for Recovery and/or the ER. These versatile blankets can also be used for patient propping/positioning and more.

Our Blue Stripe Bath Blanket brings a unique 3-stripe design that is built to last, thanks to the use of yarn-dyed yarn. Stripes occur approximately 6” from each end of blanket, with narrower stripes measuring approximately 1” in width and wider stripes measuring approximately 2” in width.

Unlike printed stripes, these yarns resist fading and remain colorfast. Not only does this design add color to patient rooms, but these stripes also allow for faster identification and sorting during processing.

Fast-selvage sides and double-needle hems ensure extended service life, while our bleaching process removes lower quality, short staple cotton fiber and impurities from the fabric for a more comfortable feel. This bleaching process reduces lint generation and also “pre-shrinks” the fabric, allowing Blue Stripe bath blankets to remain closer to their originally purchased size and weight.

All components of this bath blanket are 100% Cotton, including the fabric, thread, and label.

  • Blue Stripe Bath Blanket
  • Bleached with 3 Blue Yarn Dyed Stripes at Each End of Blanket
  • Fast-Selvage Sides
  • Double-Needle Hemmed Ends
  • Napped
  • 2.0 lb/Each
  • 72″x90″
  • 100% Cotton Fabric, Thread, and Label
  • Available Colors: White with Blue Stripes

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