Checkerboard Washcloths

Realize wholesale savings with this uniquely patterned bulk washcloth

  • Bulk washcloth provides affordable savings at scale
  • Available in 1,200 count case pack
  • Checkerboard woven pattern
  • 100% Cotton
  • 12鈥漻12鈥

Everything You
Need To Know

Our checkerboard patterned bulk washcloths were made for large health systems and care facilities who have high-emand needs. These washcloths are packaged in packs of 1,200 and provide significant bulk savings.

In addition to affordability, these checkerboard washcloths offer a uniquely patterned design that stands out from other, plain terry options. Featuring 100% Cotton, these washcloths are absorbent and offer the benefits of all-cotton construction.

Checkerboard washcloths utilize 16/1 OE Pile Yarn and are 12”x”12. They are bleached white and weigh in at 0.6 lb per dozen.

  • Checkerboard Weave Design
  • 100% Cotton
  • 16/1 OE Pile Yarn
  • 12”x12”
  • 0.6 lb/Dozen

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