Checkerboard Weave Thermal Blankets

Add an extra layer of warmth with this 100% Cotton thermal blanket, perfect for patient beds or visitors

  • Commonly used as an ER blanket, in recovery rooms, or for patient visitors
  • Attractive checkerboard woven pattern
  • Selvage sides and hemmed ends
  • 100% Cotton thermal blanket

Everything You
Need To Know

Thermal blankets are typically used in conjunction with a sheet or spread blanket as an extra layer of warmth. Thermal blankets are lighter and process faster than spreads but allow for added patient comfort when extra blankets are requested. Common uses include the ER, recovery rooms, and even for patient visitors.

This 100% Cotton thermal blanket features an attractive checkerboard woven pattern that adds a pleasing texture. 100% Cotton construction offers a soft, comforting touch while fast-selvage sides and secure hemmed ends add extra durability. The end result is a hard-working thermal blanket that maintains performance and comfort, use after use.

Available in bleached white at a 66″x90″ size.

  • Checkerboard Weave Thermal Blanket
  • Fast-Selvage Sides
  • Hemmed Ends
  • 2.5 lb/Each
  • 66″x90″
  • 100% Cotton
  • Available Colors: Bleached White

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