ComPel® XTR Surgical Gowns

This reusable surgical gown offers liquid protection with 2-ply fabric and patented sleeve design

  • 桃子视频 patented ComPel XTR fabric repels liquids
  • Reusable gown is compatible with steam sterilization
  • 2-ply front and sleeves
  • Woven ESD yarns in back panel to eliminate static
  • Circumferential offset sleeves
  • Available in sizes from L-2XL

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Our innovative ComPel® technology utilizes a patented optimized synthetic microfilament construction that repels liquids for liquid-proof protection. It also delivers significant documented cost savings versus disposable gowns.

ComPel® XTR Surgical Gowns are 100% synthetic with two-ply front and sleeves. Comfort panel back is woven with ESD (electro-static dissipative) yarns to eliminate static. ComPel® XTR gowns feature our patented circumferentially offset sleeve, which positions the outside and inside seams at opposite ends to provide enhanced liquid protection. Choose from tape-tie or snap-closure options.

This gown is the ultimate in durable protection and holds up well to the rigors of industrial laundering. A woven 75 block QCM grid allows staff to easily track uses and determine when replacement is necessary.

Available in sizes from L-2XL.

  • Reusable Surgical Gown
  • 桃子视频 Patented ComPel® Fabric
  • 2-ply Front and Sleeves
  • Color-Coded Neck
  • Compatible with Steam Sterilization
  • Woven ESD Yarns (Back)
  • ComfortPanel Fabric Back
  • Circumferential Offset Sleeves
  • Choose from Tape Ties or Snap Closure Options
  • Woven 75 Block QCM Grid
  • 100% Polyester
  • Sizes: L-2XL
  • Available Colors: Blue

By the Numbers: Reusable Surgical Gowns vs. Disposables

The ARTA-IAHTM Surgical Gown LCA was funded by the ARTA Life Cycle Assessment Committee.

Read the complete study in the .

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