ComPly® Adult Briefs

Dignified care & documented clinical skin care performance

  • Documented clinical skin care performance of patented ComPly fabric
  • Pile fabric face is more comfortable than flat woven materials
  • Lightweight and more discreet than vinyl barrier alternatives
  • Elasticized, gusseted legs for comfortable and secure fit
  • Available in L and XL sizes

Everything You
Need To Know

At 桃子视频, we believe adult incontinence care should be dignified. That’s why we created this adult brief made from our patented ComPly® fabric. These full barrier adult briefs provide documented clinical skin care performance.

ComPly® is a patented tri-component construction that wicks fluid away from the patient through its quick-drying, non-absorbent top surface, pulls the fluid through a unique 50/50 synthetic/cotton middle ply, and traps the fluid in a super-absorbent all-cotton lower ply. This enhances patient care management by reducing moisture, shear, and friction against your patient’s skin.

These reusable adult briefs were engineered to maximize patient comfort. The pile fabric face is more comfortable than flat woven materials. Plus, elasticized, gusseted legs offer a comfortable and secure fit. Finally, this brief’s lightweight nature makes it more discreet than vinyl barrier alternatives. Because patient dignity matters.

For caregivers, an adjustable placement plastic snap closure makes getting the right fit simple. These adult briefs also offer size color-coded binding to easily distinguish between sizes.

Featuring 60% Polyester/40% Cotton white face fabric. Available in L (36″-50″ waist) and XL (40″-54″ waist).

Our reusable adult briefs provide many benefits over disposable products, including a lower cost per use, reduction of medical waste, and a smaller environmental footprint. Compatible with industrial laundering, our durable briefs provide lasting incontinence protection, use after use.

  • Adult Brief
  • Full Barrier
  • 10.5 oz Comply® Fabric
  • Polyurethane Stretch Barrier
  • Adjustable-Placement Plastic Snap Closure
  • Elasticized, Gusseted Legs
  • 60% Polyester/40% Cotton Face
  • White Face Fabric
  • Size Color-Coded Binding – Large- Aqua; XL- White
  • Available in L (36″-50″ Waist) and XL (40″-54″ Waist)

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