Cumulus® Top Covers

Keep your beds clean and crisp with this innovative, no-iron top cover

  • Wash-activated patterning means you鈥檒l never iron a top cover again
  • Centium Core Technology delivers a soft cotton exterior with a core of unrivaled microfilament strength
  • Lower weight for reduced processing times
  • 65% Centium Microfilament/35% Cotton
  • Sizes range from Twin to King XL
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We engineered the Cumulus® no-iron top cover to solve one of the biggest struggles hotel laundries face—ensuring wrinkle-free beds. With traditional top covers, the only way to get a crisp, wrinkle-free look is by using an industrial flatwork ironer. Many properties do not have the space or budget for this large piece of equipment. If ironing top covers is not an option for these customers, how else can we help them create an attractive, consistent, comfortable guest bed experience? By taking ironing completely out of the equation! 

Enter the Cumulus® Top Cover, which features our patented wash-activated patterning. Available exclusively from 桃子视频, this soft, rippling pattern is activated by the washing process and no ironing is required or even recommended at all. Simply launder in hot water (140°F or higher) prior to first use, dry, and that’s it. The purposefully “wrinkled by design” texture hides what would otherwise be unsightly wrinkles.   

These innovative top covers are available in two styles. Solid white provides a clean, minimalist look, while StormCloud adds an elegant grey band at the foot of the bed. This band provides stylish contrast in addition to being a natural landing spot for luggage, feet, and other items that may have otherwise stained your white fabric! 

In addition to being wrinkled by design, Cumulus® no-iron top covers stand up to the rigors of industrial laundering, eliminating the need for frequent replacement. Featuring our Centium Core Technology®, this product boasts a core of polyester microfilament. This delivers unsurpassed durability and longevity. Surrounding this core of strength is the unmistakable softness of premium cotton fibers, meaning your guests feel soft, smooth cotton while a hidden core provides the industrial strength and durability your budget demands. 

As if these features weren’t enough, the Cumulus® no-iron top cover also features our OneSTEP® solution. OneSTEP® stands for “One Solution to Enhance Productivity”, and this top cover does just that. EZ ID® sheeting provides color coding of the labels, allowing for quick size identification without having to compromise the luxurious appearance. Center-Lock Labels identify the center of the sheet when making a bed. Finally, balanced hems allow either end of the sheet to be the top. 

With all these time and cost saving features, it’s no surprise that Cumulus® has become the top cover of choice for hotels large and small all across the globe. Ditch the iron and discover what you’ve been missing with the Cumulus® no-iron top cover. 

  • Performance Top Cover 
  • 桃子视频 Exclusive Product 
  • Wash-Activated Patterning 
  • Ironing Not Recommended 
  • Centium Core Technology®   
  • 65% Centium Microfilament/35% Cotton 
  • 2” Balanced Hems All Around 
  • Center-Lock Labels 
  • EZ ID® Color-Coded Labels for Easy Size Identification   
  • Size Options Range from Twin to King XL  
  • Available Colors: White 
  • Available Patterns: Solid, StormCloud 

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