Custom Privacy Curtains

Evoke a sense of wellness while protecting patients, caregivers & staff

  • Ideal for hospital patient rooms, clinics, nursing homes, educational and other facility environments
  • Disposable and reusable privacy curtains can be made to order for your healthcare facility
  • Choose from over 40 fabric collections for privacy curtain application from our fabric gallery
  • Custom printing is available for made-to-order privacy curtains
  • Add a layer of protection with our Impact Technology, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection finish
  • Manufactured in the USA

Everything You
Need To Know

Design plays a key role in optimizing patient privacy, comfort, and safety. From the design of a tracking system to patterns, colorways, and treatments of fabrics, a responsible design can evoke a sense of wellness, build high performance, and protect patients and caregivers. Having the ability to customize your privacy curtains allows you to add a functional and stylish touch. 


Privacy curtains are ideal for hospital patient rooms, clinics, nursing homes, educational and other facility environments. At 桃子视频, we’re the most experienced privacy curtain fabricator in the country, serving some of the largest healthcare systems and facilities.  

  • We can fabricate privacy curtains to your exact healthcare facility’s style and specifications 
  • Choose from over 40 fabric collections of diverse patterns and colorways 
  • Work with our sales consultants to develop a complete cubicle curtain solution for your inventory tracking and rotation 
  • Fabrics meet or exceed all ACT performance standards 
  • We also manufacture using customer-owned material 
  • Supply your own artwork or work with our design team to create the desired expression for your healthcare environment 

Protect your Privacy Curtains from Microbes 

Add a layer of protection to your custom privacy curtains with Impact Technology®. This fabric finish leverages EPA-registered, highly durable technologies to meet the needs of healthcare facilities. Impact Technology® protects curtains by providing broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of odor-and stain-causing bacteria, fungi, algae, and yeasts.

Inventory Management Available 

Custom Privacy Curtains can be paired with our CubeControl® Curtain Management App. Curtains can be quickly scanned to improve inventory management, confirm compliance with facility cleaning frequency policy, and promote a cleaner environment for patients and staff. Each curtain will include a CubeControl® label that indicates curtain size and room location to save time when reinstalling after cleaning. 

  • Disposable and Reusable Privacy Curtains Can Be Made to Order for Your Facility
  • Choose from Over 40 Fabric Collections for Privacy Curtain Application from Our Fabric Gallery
  • Custom Printing Available for Made-to-Order Privacy Curtains
  • Supply Your Own Artwork or Work with Our Design Team
  • Add a Layer of Protection with Our Impact Technology® Finish
  • Various Colors, Sizes, and Types of Privacy Curtain Mesh Available
  • Manufactured in the USA

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