Cystoscopy Drapes

Designed to efficiently support cystoscopies, transurethral resections & ureteroscopies

  • Specialty drape ideal for cystoscopies, transurethral resections, and ureteroscopies
  • 3-layer fabric area for appropriate barrier and work surface
  • 10鈥 mesh screen to catch specimen
  • ZorWik layer prevents splash back
  • Overall dimensions: 58″x96″
  • 100% Polyester

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Cystoscopy Drapes are fenestrated 3-layer drape sheets designed to provide an appropriate protective barrier and efficient work surface during cystoscopies, transurethral resections, and ureteroscopies. Our reusable surgical drapes provide many benefits over disposable products, including a lower cost per use, reduction of medical waste, and a smaller environmental footprint. Compatible with industrial laundering and steam sterilization, our durable drapes provide lasting protection, procedure after procedure.

This 100% Polyester specialty drape has overall dimensions of 58″x96″ and includes a base made from WrapPel® fabric, which minimizes slippage. A Zorwik® layer provides a textured surface near the fenestration that prevents splash backs and slows liquid run-off. A 10” mesh screen is also included to catch specimen(s). Finally, ComPel® fabric provides a liquid-resistant barrier to enhance protection.

Our fenestrated drapes are also fabricated with red binding at head end of the drape to facilitate accurate placement. Available in blue.

  • Fenestrated Drape Ideal for Cystoscopies, Transurethral Resections, and Ureteroscopies
  • 3-Layer Design
  • Reusable
  • Compatible with Industrial Laundering and Steam Sterilization
  • Features WraPel®, ComPel®, and ZorWik® Fabrics
  • Red Binding at Top of Drape
  • 100% Polyester
  • Overall Dimensions: 58″x96″
  • 15″x52″ Pad
  • Color: Blue

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