Double Duty® Towels

Incredible strength combines with unmatched softness to create a patient experience like no other

  • Centium Core Technology provides healthcare-grade durability combined with hotel quality softness
  • Delivered pre-laundered for convenience and quantifiable savings
  • Ribbed weave sides bolster strength at the portion of the towel that typically breaks down
  • Reinforced fast selvage extends service life
  • 90% Cotton/10% Centium Core Microfilament (washcloths are 100% Cotton)

Everything You
Need To Know

Our cotton-rich Double Duty® bath towel never takes a shift off. This towel’s double duties involve providing incredible strength for the demanding healthcare environment while also giving patients the soft touch of pure cotton they deserve.

This innovative towel accomplishes both tasks thanks to our proprietary Centium Core Technology®. With this technology, cotton and polyester are not simply blended together as in generic towels. Instead, Centium Core Technology® weaves loops of natural, ring-spun cotton around an ultra-strong synthetic fiber core. You receive all the benefits of premium, ring-spun cotton: softness, easy stain release, and whiteness. Plus the strength-bolstering power of multifilament synthetic fiber at the core.

Put simply—this towel is just built differently.

The unique construction of Double Duty® also shifts a higher percentage of the towel weight into the all-cotton ring-spun pile. Twenty-two ribs on each side bolster strength while hemmed ends and a multilayer, reinforced fast selvage extend service life.

Double Duty® is available in bath towels and washcloths. All towels are pre-laundered, utilizing a proprietary validated process that launders and dries the terry fabric prior to packaging. This process is QA inspected and performed in a clean room environment, ensuring each towel is delivered to you clean and ready for immediate use.

Bath Towels:

  • Centium Core Technology®
  • 90% Ring-Spun Cotton, 10% Centium® Core Polyester Blend
  • 22 Ribs Each Side
  • Multilayer, Reinforced Fast Selvage
  • Pre-Laundered, Ready for Immediate Use
  • Hemmed Ends
  • 21″ x 44″
  • 6.0 lb/Dozen


  • 100% Cotton
  • Eight Ribs Each Side
  • 12″ x 12″
  • 0.75 lb/Dozen

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