Down Alternative Hotel Pillows

Give your guests surprisingly affordable comfort with these down alternative hotel pillows

  • Ultra-fine microfiber fill allows for a true, down-like feel
  • Machine washable for added convenience
  • 100% Cotton T230 Ticking
  • Sizes range from Standard to King

Everything You
Need To Know

The right pillow can take your guests from waking restless and groggy to feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Our down alternative hotel pillow offers hoteliers an affordable yet comfortable pillow option for their properties.

Our hotel pillows are filled with down alternative, ultra-fine microfibers to provide a down-like feel without the cost or hassle of pure down pillows. Generous 100% Cotton T230 ticking fabric provide a high-quality surrounding for this impressive hotel pillow. The result is an affordable pillow that hoteliers can feel comfortable offering their guests.

These down pillows are also machine washable, making laundering and maintenance a breeze.

A comfortable pillow can make all the difference to a weary traveler. Maintaining high-quality, long-lasting pillows is one of the single biggest ways to ensure a positive sleep experience. Your guests will appreciate your choice as soon as their heads hit these down alternative hotel pillows.

  • Down Alternative Hotel Pillow
  • Machine Washable
  • Fill: Ultra-Fine Polyester Microfibers
  • Ticking: 100% Cotton T230 Thread Count
  • Sizes Range from Standard to King

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