TAL Dune Top Covers

Transport your guests to a grand oasis of comfort with this exquisite design

  • Evokes the movement and shifting striations of wind鈥恠wept sand
  • TAL Designer Collection offers five-star luxury, reserved for the world鈥檚 finest hoteliers
  • All-over pattern with a crease-resistant finish
  • 65% Cotton/35% Centium Microfilament
  • Sizes range from Queen to King

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Luxury that endures. Performance that pleases. The Todd-Avery Lenahan Collection, one of 桃子视频’s five-star sheeting and terry lines, is reserved for the world’s finest hoteliers. Perfect for triple sheeting, this TAL Dune Top Cover evokes the movement and shifting striations of wind‐swept sand and its painterly surface patterns. This exquisite texture will transport your guests to a grand oasis of comfort. 

While your guests will rave about its looks, your housekeepers and laundry staff will appreciate the time-saving features of our OneSTEP® solution. OneSTEP® stands for “One Solution to Enhance Productivity” and this Dune Top Cover does just that. EZ ID® sheeting provides color coding of the labels, without having to compromise the luxurious appearance. Center-Lock Labels identify the center of the cover when making a bed. Finally, balanced hems allow either end of the cover to be the top. 

As if these features weren’t enough, the Dune Top Cover allows you to rest easy knowing you’ve invested in one of the most durable, long-lasting top covers on the market. Featuring our Centium Core Technology®, this product boasts a soft cotton exterior with a core of polyester microfilament. This delivers unsurpassed durability and longevity, while maintaining all the comforts of cotton.  

A crease-resistant finish, mitered corners, and 2” all-around hems round out the long list of features you’ll enjoy when you choose to treat your guests to this lavish top cover. 

  • TAL Designer Collection  
  • Richly Detailed, Jacquard Woven All-Over Pattern    
  • Centium Core Technology®  
  • 65% Cotton/35% Centium Microfilament  
  • Mitered Corners 
  • 2” Balanced Hems All Around 
  • Crease-Resistant Finish  
  • Center-Lock Labels   
  • Balanced Hems  
  • Size Options Range from Queen to King  
  • EZ ID® Color-Coded Labels for Easy Size Identification 
  • Available Colors: White 

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