E*Star® Knitted Sheets

Secure fitted sheets that help reduce processing expenses & energy consumption

  • E*Star products allow for reduced processing times at lower temperatures听
  • Jersey knit fitted sheets
  • 24 oz听听
  • 100% Polyester听听
  • 36″x84″x14″

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The E*Star® product line is a collection of reusable textile and apparel products engineered specifically to reduce the consumption of energy utilized during the laundry process. E*Star® products leverage a series of proprietary technologies that allow for reduced processing times at lower temperatures.   

 Our E*Star® Fitted Sheets are made from 100% quick-drying Polyester and measure 36″x84″x14″. The jersey knit construction not only provides softness and comfort but also ensures these fitted sheets easily slide into place and stay secure. 

  • E*Star® Fitted Sheets 
  • Reduced Process Time and Temperatures 
  • Jersey Knit 
  • 24 oz   
  • 100% Polyester 
  • Sewn with Aqua Binding   
  • 36″x84″x14

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