Keystone E*Star® Patient Gowns

Promote a versatile & comfortable patient experience while reducing processing costs

  • 100% soft woven Polyester combines patient comfort with exceptional durability and color fastness
  • I.V. sleeve and telemetry pocket听
  • Plastic snaps suited for MRI applications and engineered to withstand commercial laundering
  • E*Star products allow for reduced processing times at lower temperatures听听
  • Gown features color-coded size identification neck binding and ties at neck and waist
  • Available in sizes L, 5XL, and 10XL with blue Keystone print

Everything You
Need To Know

Our hospital gowns are designed for comfort, colorfastness, and long-lasting durability, featuring high-quality construction, and offered in various fabric weights and sizes for ideal patient comfort.  

Made with soft woven 100% Polyester fabric, our Keystone E*Star Patient Gowns provide exceptional durability, comfort, colorfastness, and faster dry times. The gown features a generous sweep and convenient side ties to further patient modesty. Keystone patient gowns use non-metallic plastic snaps that are better suited for MRI applications. A color band feature helps to easily identify sizes for gowning patients. Keystone plastic snaps are engineered to withstand the heat and intensity of commercial laundering.   

Our Keystone E*Star Patient Gown is specifically engineered to reduce energy consumption during the laundering process, when compared to conventional textiles. These energy and cost efficiency advantages are combined with our attention to comfort and functionality. Keystone patient gowns also further our commitment to help customers become more sustainable, reducing their environmental impact with reusable textiles that are more efficiently laundered. 

  • KeyStone E*Star® Patient Gown 
  • Lapover Side Tie 
  • Soft Woven Polyester Fabric   
  • Color-Coded Size Identification Neck Binding
  • Ties at Neck and Waist
  • I.V. Sleeves and Telemetry Pocket 
  • V-Neck   
  • KM-80 Plastic Snaps  
  • 100% Polyester  
  • Keystone Blue  
  • Sizes: L, 5XL, 10XL 

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