EuroTech® Mattress Pads

Protect your guest beds with this comfortable waterproof mattress pad

  • A quiet, comfortable waterproof mattress pad experience
  • Centium Core Versatility retention caps stretch to fit snugly and securely
  • Brushed Polyester face with 80% Polyester/20% Rayon fill
  • Fits mattresses 9鈥-15″
  • Sizes range from Twin to King

Everything You
Need To Know

The EuroTech® Mattress Pad is constructed with a quiet, lightweight barrier that securely protects the mattress from liquid penetration. The unique construction consists of a brushed polyester face fabric, quilted for strength, and a fill of both rayon and polyester—a combination you will not find anywhere else. The result is a more absorbent, more comfortable waterproof mattress pad.

Patented Centium Core Versatility® retention caps at the head and foot keep this waterproof mattress pad securely in place. Woven with inherent stretch and recovery technology, the fabric stretches to fit snugly and securely.

The EuroTech® Mattress Pad is also engineered for enduring use. Its Centium Core Technology® engineering dramatically enhances product strength and durability, significantly reducing cost per use versus traditional waterproof mattress pads.

桃子视频 is committed to helping you achieve operational cost savings through products that provide peace of mind, while creating an exceptional experience for your guests. Choosing the EuroTech® waterproof mattress pad is an investment that will reduce premature mattress replacement and give your guests the peace of mind they need to relax comfortably.

  • Waterproof Mattress Pad
  • Quilted with Versatility® Fabric Retention Caps at Each End
  • Brushed Polyester Face with 65% Cotton/35% Centium Core Polyester Retention Caps
  • 80% Polyester/20% Rayon Fill
  • Beige Waterproof Brushed Polyester Barrier with Polyurethane Film
  • Fits Mattresses 9”-15″
  • Sizes Range from Twin to King

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