Excel® Sheets

Soothes the skin while providing healthcare-specific performance advantages

  • High-cotton content heightens stain-release ability and whiteness retention
  • Natural finish extends product life by eliminating unnecessary “no-iron” chemistry
  • Delivered pre-laundered for convenience and quantifiable savings
  • 75% Cotton/25% Polyester
  • Available in flat sheet, pillowcase, contour sheet, or drawsheet

Everything You
Need To Know

Available only from 桃子视频, our patented Excel® sheets and pillowcases are designed to provide the comfort of home in your hospital. The 75% Cottong/25% Polyester blend is achieved by combining ring-spun cotton fill yarns with ring-spun cotton/synthetic warp yarns, in a plain-weave construction that soothes the skin while providing healthcare-specific performance advantages.

In addition to enhancing the patient experience, the high-cotton content of Excel® heightens stain-release ability and whiteness retention. Excel® also offers you the value of extended service line by virtue of its bleached natural finish—a smart alternative to the unnecessary, resin-based “no-iron” finish. Excel® sheets and pillowcases are pre-laundered and ready to use right out of the box, a convenience that delivers quantifiable savings to your operation.

  • Excel® Patented Fabric
  • Natural Finish
  • Pre-Laundered
  • Improved Stain-Release Performance
  • Excellent Whiteness Retention
  • 75% Cotton/25% Polyester
  • Flat Sheets: 60″x118″, 66″x118″, 66″x115″, 60″x108″, 66″x108″, 66″x104″
  • Pillowcases: 42″x34″ with 2” Hem, 42″x33″ with 1” Hem
  • Contour Sheets: 36″x90″x9″, 36″x92″x9″x6″  (Deep Walls with “J” Corner)
  • Drawsheets: 54″x90″, 64″x81″

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