Glass Towels

Make a great first impression with crystal clear windows & glass

  • Absorbent glass towels are used for cleaning all types of glass surfaces in commercial settings
  • Bleached white
  • Available with distinctive stripes for ease of identification听听
  • 100% Cotton听听
  • 15″x25″ or 16″x32″

Everything You
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Tough and hardworking, these 100% Cotton glass towels never take a day off. These absorbent multipurpose towels are used for cleaning glass surfaces in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, bars, and other commercial settings.  

Our glass towels allow you to choose from two distinctive red stripe options. Varying stripes are particularly useful for facilities that have glass towels with distinct purposes (cleaning windows, polishing glasses, etc.). The varied stripes allow for easy sorting and avoiding cross contamination. 

 Available in sizes 15″x25″ and 16″x32″. 

  • Reusable Glass Towels 
  • Available with Red Herringbone Edge Stripes or Plain Red Stripes Throughout   
  • 100% Cotton   
  • 15″x25″ (Herringbone Stripes) or 16″x32″ (Red Stripes Throughout) 

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