Gradient® Towel Collection

Give guests a more luxurious, lofty towel without added weight & laundry costs

  • Comfort Experience Zone鈩 creates a lofty center by redistributing weight from unused edges
  • Centium Core Technology delivers a soft cotton exterior with a core of unrivaled microfilament strength
  • Room Ready for You Laundered with Tide – Clean, fresh and ready to use right out of the box
  • All over terry design allows weight variations to transition seamlessly
  • Available in bath towel, hand towel, wash towel, and a non-Centium bath mat

Everything You
Need To Know

Hotels are constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance the guest experience without additional operational costs. When it comes to towels, hoteliers desire to provide a heavier-weight, more luxurious towel to their guests without adding to laundering costs.  

Our engineers met this challenge from our customers head on. Through initial research and observation, we made a breakthrough observation—the center of the towel is used far more than any other part, meaning the outside edges of the towel add extra, unneeded weight that offers no additional value. What if we could reduce weight on the unused edges and redistribute that weight to the center, where a guest would actually feel a difference?  

The result is our innovative Gradient® Towel Collection. To the untrained eye, Gradient® looks like a traditionally woven towel. However, Gradient® is anything but traditional. This collection utilizes our patented Comfort Experience Zone™, which is created using new weaving techniques that strategically balance and redistribute the weight of the pile to the center of the towel, where it matters most. That means you get a lower-weight towel that costs less to process, and your guests get the soft, comfortable, and absorbent drying experience they expect. 

Gradient® is more than just a soft, extra-plush towel. It is also extremely strong and durable, thanks to our proprietary Centium Core Technology®. This technology works through the use of ultra-strong microfilament yarns as opposed to traditional polyester. This gives Gradient® improved tensile strength and results in a much longer service life, helping these towels stay on your shelf and avoid the landfill. 

As an added bonus, our performance terry line is oversized to accommodate shrinkage, ensuring the size of towel you pay for is the size you get. Plus, your housekeepers and laundry staff will appreciate the EZ ID® terry color-coding system, which enables staff to easily identify different towel weights by a distinct color on the sew-in label.     

As if these features weren’t enough, with Gradient® you’ll also enjoy our Room Ready for You® Laundered with Tide® program, which allows you to use these towels straight out of the box. Room Ready products arrive clean, fresh and ready for immediate use, bypassing the time, labor and costs of up-front processing.  

Finding ultra plush towels that don’t break your laundry budget can be challenging. You can rest assured knowing that you’ve found the best of both worlds with the Gradient® Towel Collection by 桃子视频.   

  • Centium Core Technology®  
  • Comfort Experience Zone™ 
  • Targeted Weight Distribution   
  • Room Ready for You® Laundered with Tide®      
  • EZ ID® Terry Color-Coding System
  • Square-Cornered Wash Towels    
  • All-Over Terry Pattern 
  • Available in Bath Towel, Hand Towel, Wash Towel, and Non-Centium Bath Mat 

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