Healing Spaces® Mother鈥檚 Gowns

Elevate comfort & care with our cozy, thoughtful mother鈥檚 gowns

  • 60% combed Cotton/40% Polyester combines patient comfort and durability
  • Healing Spaces proprietary ring-spun, heavy-weight jersey knit听
  • Includes I.V. Sleeves, bound nursing slits, and ties at waist and neck
  • OSFA in Lotus Pink color

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Textiles play an important role in healthcare environments. The softness of a robe, the warmth of a blanket, the beauty of a window treatment—these tactile and visual experiences can comfort and calm during times of great stress.  

We partner with customers to create unique Healing Spaces® where apparel, bedding, towels, and decorative products are designed and coordinated to soothe and relax patients, visitors, and staff.  

We offer a diverse selection of mother’s gowns, designed to provide comfort and confidence for patients as well as lasting quality and durability for hospitals and healthcare facilities.  

Our Healing Spaces® Mother’s Gowns feature heavy-weight jersey knit fabric, which combines 60% combed Cotton/40% Polyester to create a gown that maximizes both patient comfort and durability.  

Gown features include I.V. sleeves, ties at neck/waist, and bound nursing slits. 

One-Size Fits All sizes in Lotus Pink color.  

  • Healing Spaces® Mother’s Gown 
  • Lapover Style    
  • I.V. Sleeves  
  • Bound Nursing Slits 
  • Ring-Spun, Heavy-Weight Jersey Knit 
  • Ties at Neck/Waist 
  • 60% Combed Cotton/40% Polyester 
  • Color: Lotus Pink 
  • Size: OSFA

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