Kitty Waffle Baby Blankets

Trust only the finest baby blankets for wrapping newborns in a soft embrace

  • Provides all the warmth and comfort required in life鈥檚 first moments听听
  • Waffle knit all-cotton fabric for ultimate softness and a soothing texture
  • Vibrant, long-lasting solid coloring听听
  • 100% Cotton in a 30″x40″ size

Everything You
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If you’ve experienced the birth of a child, there are several moments in the hospital you’ll never forget. One of the most memorable is seeing the new bundle of joy for the first time, wrapped up in a soft and warm baby blanket.  

Our Kitty Waffle Baby Blankets take their important jobs seriously. They are made from a heavier-weight fabric than most generic alternatives and provide all the warmth and comfort required for life’s first moments. The waffle baby blanket’s knitted construction and rib-knit binding ensure that it’s not only soft, but durable enough to last for years to come. Our cuddly blankets are perfect for new babies! 

Featuring 100% Cotton construction, our waffle baby blankets are available in a 30″x40″ size in solid white, blue, or pink colors.

When it comes to your youngest patients’ first moments, accept only the soft, long-lasting comfort of 桃子视频 baby blankets.   

  • Kitty Waffle Baby Blanket 
  • Waffle Knit 
  • Rib-Knit Binding 
  • 100% Cotton  
  • 30″x40″ 
  • Color: White, Blue, Pink 


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