Lapover Patient Gowns

A variety of sizes and options to fit any facility or patient's needs

  • 55% Cotton/45% Polyester combines patient comfort and durability
  • Available in Century Cloth or Twill fabric
  • Tape tie closures at neck and waist
  • Available options include I.V. sleeves and I.V. sleeves with telemetry pocket
  • Wide range of colors, prints, and options to meet individual department needs
  • Available in size Large

Everything You
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We offer a diverse selection of hospital gowns, designed to provide comfort and confidence for patients as well as lasting quality and durability for hospitals and healthcare facilities.  

Our Lapover Patient Gowns feature 55% Cotton/45% Polyester to create a gown that maximizes both patient comfort and durability.  

Gowns feature tape tie closures at neck and waist along with options for I.V. sleeves only or I.V. sleeves with telemetry pocket. Fabric options include Century Cloth or Twill. 

With an impressive 18 unique colors and patterns, our Lapover Patient gowns are sure to have the right style to fit any need. Available in size Large. 

  • Lapover Patient Gown  
  • Choose from Century Cloth or Twill   
  • Tape Ties at Neck and Waist 
  • Available Options: I.V. Sleeves, I.V. Sleeves with Telemetry Pocket 
  • 55% Cotton/45% Polyester  
  • Size: Large
  • Colors: Snowflake Blue, Standard Classic Blue, Telegraph Blue/Grey, Circuit Blue, Signals Burgundy, Collage Sage, Signals Blue, Tradition Blue, Telegraph Two Blue, Amity Blue, Hospital Property Rainbow, Kaleidoscope Grey, Leaves Sand, Kaleidoscope Tan, Nova Blue, Champagne Blue, Kaleidoscope Blue, Leaves Pine 

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