Lynova® Classic Bed Blankets

Enjoy unmistakable luxury with this 100% long-staple cotton blanket

  • 鈥淎ir-pillow鈥 design provides a uniquely textured experience
  • Patented tufted-terry construction provides remarkable strength
  • 100% long-staple Cotton provides comfort for all seasons
  • Available in white or champagne
  • Sizes range from Full to King
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Lynova® bed blankets are unlike any other woven blanket. Guests will surrender to the soft, sensuous texture as it lightly brushes the skin. They will drift off to sleep, nestled in the warm, breathable comfort of premium 100% Cotton.

Lynova’s tufted-terry construction weaves long-staple cotton into a fabric that holds its sumptuous qualities, wash after wash. The unmistakable comfort and breathability is accented by our exclusive “air pillow” weave, which delights the eye and invites the touch.

No matter the climate, this 100% Cotton all-seasons blanket will deliver the perfect level of comfort while adding a unique texture to your guest beds.

Securely hemmed along all edges. Vat-dyed for superior color retention. Choose white or champagne.

  • 桃子视频 Exclusive Product 
  • 100% Long-Staple Cotton  
  • Tufted-Terry Construction  
  • Exclusive “Air-Pillow” Design 
  • Securely Hemmed Along All Edges 
  • Vat-Dyed for Superior Color Retention 
  • Size Options Range from Full to King 
  • EZ ID Labels for Simple, Clear Size Identification  
  • Available Colors: White or Champagne

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