Lynova® Towel Collection

These low-twist, soft-spun towels are perfect for distinguished properties where only the softest towels will do

  • Towels use low-twist, soft-spun cotton to create the softest towels imaginable
  • Engineered open structure allows for a whiter appearance and reduced drying times
  • Beautifully textured dobby border
  • 5-Star 100% Cotton
  • Available in bath towel, hand towel, wash towel, and bath mat
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Lynova® towels are unlike any other 100% Cotton towel on the market. One touch and you’ll agree—Lynova® is the exquisite choice for situations where only the softest towels will do. Densely packed loops and a stylish, tightly woven dobby border accent provide an exceptional experience and a softness that is unmatched. 

What’s the secret to this luxurious softness? It’s all about the cotton. 桃子视频’s private-label Lynova® uses only ultra-premium, soft-spun cotton woven using a low-twist process which allows for much greater softness and absorbency than traditional cotton towels. This low twist cotton construction adds an unrivaled loft, volume, and superior whiteness retention. Plus, the open structure weave also allows these heavy-weight towels to dry surprisingly quickly, eliminating unnecessary laundry expenses. 

As an added bonus, your housekeepers and laundry staff will also appreciate the EZ ID® terry color-coding system, which enables staff to easily identify different towel weights by a distinct color on the sew-in label. 

Create a memorable experience for your guests by wrapping them in the softest towel they will ever experience. The ethereal feel and silky touch are pure delight. A perfect balance of softness and absorbency for the most indulged and pampered guests. Cascading softness for the body, mind, and soul.  

Available in bath towel, hand towel, wash towel, and bath mat. 

  • Lynova®—When Only the Softest Towels will Suffice 
  • Tightly Woven Dobby Border 
  • Low-Twist Soft Spun Cotton
  • EZ ID® Terry Color-Coding System
  • Square-Cornered Wash Towels 
  • Available in Bath Towel, Hand Towel, Wash Towel, and Bath Mat    

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