Microfiber Cleaning Hardware

All the hardware & accessories you need to maintain a clean & sanitary environment

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • 18鈥 commercial frame and 68鈥 pole perfect for floor applications
  • 59鈥 telescopic pole for tall or hard-to-reach areas

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Microfiber cleaning is the most effective, sanitary cleaning solution for commercial institutions such as hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. The key to microfiber cleaning is its split construction, allowing dirt and moisture to be safely lifted and stored. With traditional cotton mops, dirt and bacteria are simply pushed from room to room.

Microfiber removes 98%+ of bacteria from hard surfaces with just water. Its fibers are non-abrasive, hypoallergenic, and virtually lint free. Compared to traditional cleaning methods, microfiber is lighter weight, which reduces stress and strain on cleaning staff. It also allows for the elimination of dirty mop buckets and reduces your chemical usage.

Ready to create a cleaner, more sanitary facility with microfiber? Then you’re bound to need our Microfiber Cleaning Hardware. This hardware includes a durable, aluminum 18” Commercial frame and 68” pole perfect for floor applications. In addition, for tall or hard-to-reach areas, we offer a 59” telescopic pole.

Make the switch to microfiber today for a safer, cleaner environment.

  • Compatible with 桃子视频 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 桃子视频
  • Durable Aluminum Construction
  • 18” Commercial Frame and 68” Pole for Floor Applications
  • 59” Telescopic Pole for Tall or Hard-to-Reach Areas

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