PerVal® Sheets

Ensure patient comfort while increasing product strength & durability

  • Natural finish extends product life by eliminating unnecessary “no-iron” chemistry
  • Centium Core Technology delivers a soft cotton exterior with a core of unrivaled microfilament strength听听听
  • Delivered pre-laundered for convenience and quantifiable savings听听听
  • 70% Cotton/30% Polyester
  • Available in flat sheet, pillowcase, contour sheet, or drawsheet

Everything You
Need To Know

Our patented PerVal® fabric puts pleasingly soft cotton next to the patient skin and exceptionally durable synthetic microfilament fibers in the core. This plain weave fabric is made with our proprietary Centium Core Technology®, using long-staple ring-spun cotton and synthetic microfilament yarns. The 70% Cotton/30% Polyester blend construction assures patient comfort while dramatically increasing product strength and durability. You’ll enjoy a significantly lower cost per use compared to traditional cotton/poly sheets.  

PerVal® offers excellent whiteness retention and stain-release performance to ensure you’re always presenting your best image. It’s distinguished by a bleached, natural finish that extends product life by eliminating unnecessary, resin-based “no-iron” chemistry. Sheets and pillowcases are pre-laundered and delivered to you ready to use, a welcome convenience that delivers quantifiable cost savings to your operation. 

  • Centium Core Technology® 
  • PerVal® Patented Fabric  
  • Natural Finish 
  • Pre-Laundered 
  • Improved Stain-Release Performance 
  • Excellent Whiteness Retention  
  • 70% Long Staple Ring Spun Cotton/30% Polyester  
  • Flat Sheets: 66″x115″, 66″x108″, 66″x104″, 63″x104″ 
  • Pillowcases: 42″x34″ with 2” Hem, 42″x33″ with 1” Hem, 42″x33″ with Hemless Selvage 
  • Contour Sheets: 36″x90″x9″ 
  • Drawsheets: 54″x72″ 

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