PerVal® Surgical Towels

Traditional all-cotton, absorbent surgical towel available in 4 long-lasting colors

  • Reusable surgical towels compatible with industrial processing and sterilization
  • Features the absorbency of all-cotton construction
  • Hemmed on four sides
  • 100% Cotton
  • 18″x29″

Everything You
Need To Know

PerVal® Surgical Towels are conventional surgical towels made from 100% Cotton for maximum absorbency. These towels are hemmed on all four sides, providing lasting durability. Our reusable surgical towels are compatible with the rigors of industrial processing and steam sterilization.   

Available in a 18″x29″ size in white or vat-dyed Ceil Blue, Jade Green, or Misty Green. 

PerVal® Surgical Towels will function as absorbent medical devices when processed according to instructions. Uses include drying of hands prior to being gloved, padding the back-table cover/mayo stands, and for general absorptive uses during surgical procedures. These Operating Room (OR) towels are not intended to be used as a surgical sponge. 

  • PerVal® Surgical Towel 
  • Reusable  
  • Compatible with Industrial Processing and Steam Sterilization  
  • Vat Dyed  
  • Hemmed on Four Sides 
  • 18″x29″
  • 100% Cotton  
  • Colors: Ceil Blue, Jade Green, Misty Green, Bleached White  


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