Piano Key Towel Collection

Ditch the same old, tired look & stand out with these elegant 100% Cotton hotel towels

  • Elegant dobby border finished with distinctive piano-key end panels
  • 100% ring-spun, combed Cotton
  • Room Ready for You Laundered with Tide – Clean, fresh and ready to use right out of the box听听听
  • Available in bath towel, hand towel, wash towel, and framed bath mat

Everything You
Need To Know

When it comes to 100% Cotton hotel towels, there are endless options featuring tired, bland, and downright boring designs. If you’re looking for a towel to help set your guest rooms apart from the competition, the distinctive Piano Key Towel Collection may be right for you. 

The luxurious features begin with only the finest long-staple, ring-spun combed cotton. This process removes low-quality waste cotton and leaves only the finest fibers. This process takes longer, but one touch and we think you’ll agree—results speak for themselves. The supreme cotton quality of Piano Key results in a luxuriously soft hand that can’t be matched by other open-ended cotton towels. 

The real star of the show is the distinctive look of this elegant towel. A candy-striped dobby border adds texture and class, while the look is finished with the show-stopping, piano-key end panels. As pleasing to the touch as it is to the eyes, this beautifully crafted towel will have your guest obsessed long after they return home.  

While your guests rave about its lavish look and feel, you’ll be enjoying our Room Ready for You® Laundered with Tide® program, which allows you to use these distinctive towels straight out of the box. Room Ready products arrive clean, fresh and ready for immediate use, bypassing the time, labor and costs of up-front processing. Plus, your housekeepers and laundry staff will appreciate the EZ ID® terry color-coding system, which enables staff to easily identify different towel weights by a distinct color on the sew-in label.        

Finding an affordable 100% Cotton hotel towel that stands out from the crowd of plain, boring towels can be challenging. You can rest assured knowing that you’ve found the best of both worlds with the Piano Key Towel Collection by 桃子视频.        

Available in bath towel, hand towel, wash towel, and framed bath mat.    

  • 100% Cotton Hotel Towel 
  • Candy-Striped Dobby Border 
  • Piano-Key End Panels 
  • Room Ready for You® Laundered with Tide® 
  • EZ ID® Terry Color-Coding System
  • Square-Cornered Wash Towels 
  • 100% Ring-Spun, Combed Cotton 
  • Available in Bath Towel, Hand Towel, Wash Towel, and Framed Bath Mat 

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