Print-Patterned Hospital Baby Blankets

Trust only the finest hospital baby blankets for wrapping newborns in a soft embrace

  • Provides all the warmth and comfort required in life鈥檚 first moments听听
  • Choose from 4 multi-color print options suitable for either gender
  • Long-lasting colorfastness
  • Hemmed sides to enhance service life听听
  • 36″x40″ or 33″x40″听

Everything You
Need To Know

If you’ve experienced the birth of a child, there are several moments in the hospital you’ll never forget. One of the most memorable is seeing the new bundle of joy for the first time, wrapped up in a soft and warm hospital baby blanket.  

Our baby blankets take their important jobs seriously. They are made from a heavier-weight fabric than most generic alternatives and provide all the warmth and comfort required for life’s first moments. The blanket construction and hemmed edges ensure that it’s not only soft, but durable enough to last for years to come. Our cuddly blankets are perfect for new babies! 

Available in a variety of colors and patterns perfect for both genders—or create a custom design exclusively for your hospital. 

Our Print-Patterned Hospital Baby Blankets are available in sizes 33″x40″ or 36″x40″ with playful patterns such as Bears and Balloons, Beary Nice, KidsPlay, and Bunnyland II. Also featuring a pink/blue striped design option. Most designs are napped for added comfort. 

When it comes to your youngest patients’ first moments, accept only the soft, long-lasting comfort of 桃子视频 hospital baby blankets.   

  • Print Patterned Hospital Baby Blanket
  • Hemmed on Four Sides
  • Most Styles Napped
  • Choose from 100% Cotton or 88% Cotton/12% Polyester
  • 33×40 or 36×40
  • Patterns: Bears and Balloons, Beary Nice, KidsPlay, Bunnyland II, Pink/Blue Stripes

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