Selene Pillows

Provide protection from microbes, liquids & flames with this affordable hospital pillow

  • Vented seams ensure breathability听听听听听听听
  • Laminated polypropylene ticking
  • Liquid resistant and antimicrobial ticking听听
  • Flame resistant in accordance with CAL 117 standards听听
  • 100% garnetted Polyester fill

Everything You
Need To Know

Budget conscious facilities will appreciate the Selene as an affordable hospital pillow option. The Selene Pillow provides cost-effective protection and durability, allowing your facility to extend product life while ensuring patient protection.   

Durable laminated polypropylene ticking is built to withstand the rigors of healthcare—featuring liquid resistance, flame resistance (CAL 117 standard), and antimicrobial properties. Plus, vented seams add a level of breathability for patients.  

The Selene Pillow features a 100% garnetted Polyester fill and white ticking. Available in size 20″x25″ with an 18 oz fill.     

  • Liquid Resistant 
  • Flame Resistant in Accordance with CAL 117 Standards 
  • Laminated Polypropylene Ticking  
  • Antimicrobial Ticking 
  • Seam Vented 
  • Exposed Seam Stitching 
  • 100% Garnetted Polyester Fill (18 oz) 
  • Available Color: White 
  • Available Size: 20″x25

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