Snagless Spread Blankets

Provide superior patient comfort with this tightly woven, snagless spread blanket

  • Woven tighter compared to open-cellular construction
  • Flat, twill block pattern appearance
  • Excellent durability and colorfastness
  • Superior comfort
  • 55% Cotton/45% Polyester

Everything You
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Snags are one of the most common damages seen in hospital blankets and bedspreads. From soiled linen bags and hampers to laundry chutes and carts, blankets face constant movement and opportunities for product damage. Minimize this risk with our Snagless Spread Blanket, which features a tightly woven twill block pattern. This tight weave provides excellent durability and superior comfort when compared to open-cell construction blankets. Fast-selvage sides and hemmed ends also help to increase product life.

This Snagless hospital blanket is available in Bleached White, Blue, Cream, Rose, or Teal colors. Colored blankets are vat dyed before weaving for ultimate colorfastness and resistance to fading.

Choose from sizes of 74″x108″ or 74″x100″ with a construction of 55% Cotton/45% Polyester.

  • Snagless Hospital Blanket
  • Fast-Selvage Sides
  • Hemmed Ends
  • Tightly Woven in a Twill Block Pattern
  • Vat-Dyed Color
  • 55% Cotton/45% Polyester
  • Sizes: 74″x108″ or 74″x100″
  • Available Colors: Bleached White, Blue, Cream, Rose, Teal

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