Super Daydream® Bath Blankets

Invest in a bleached bath blanket that will remain durable & strong, use after use

  • Fast-selvage sides and double-needle hems ensure extended service life
  • Bleaching process removes short staple fiber and 鈥減re-shrinks鈥 the fabric
  • Bleached bath blankets remain closer to originally purchased size and weight
  • 88% Cotton/12% Polyester

Everything You
Need To Know

Bath blankets are a multi-purpose product that can have many uses throughout a facility. Common applications include an extra bed blanket or a lightweight blanket for Recovery and/or the ER. These versatile blankets can also be used for patient propping/positioning and more.

Super Daydream® Bath Blankets are designed to be high-strength, durable, and cost-effective. Fast-selvage sides and double-needle hems ensure extended service life, while our bleaching process removes lower quality, short staple cotton fiber and impurities from the fabric for a more comfortable feel. This process reduces lint generation and also “pre-shrinks” the fabric, allowing Super Daydream® bleached bath blankets to remain closer to their originally purchased size and weight.

Available in 66″x84″ and 72″x90″ sizes.

  • 88% Cotton/12% Polyester
  • Bleached Bath Blanket
  • Fast-Selvage Sides
  • Double Needle Hemmed Ends
  • Napped
  • Available sizes: 72″x90″ and 66″x84″

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