ComPel® XTR Overhead Table Covers

ComPel XTR fabric delivers the absolute highest level of liquid resistance

  • Lays flat on overhead table or commonly used as inner wrapper of a surgical pack
  • Features proprietary ComPel XTR fabric for maximum protection against strike through
  • Reusable cover is compatible with steam sterilization
  • 100x100 with 47x47 pad
  • 100% Polyester

Everything You
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Overhead Table Covers lay flat on the overhead table with a protective pad covering the surface. These covers are also frequently used as the inner wrapper of a multi-component surgical pack.

Our reusable covers provide many benefits over disposable products, including a lower cost per use, reduction of medical waste, and a smaller environmental footprint. Compatible with industrial laundering and steam sterilization, our durable covers provide lasting protection, procedure after procedure.

The ComPel® XTR Overhead Table Cover features a protective ComPel® XTR pad which provides maximum liquid resistance against strike through during surgical procedures. The cover base is made from WrapPel® fabric, which helps minimize slippage.

This 100% polyester cover is available in 100x100 with a 47x47 XTR pad. Blue merrowed edges provide simple size identification and an easier set-up.

Available in blue.

  • Lays Flat on Overhead Table or Commonly Used as Inner Wrapper of a Surgical Pack
  • Features Proprietary ComPel® XTR Fabric Pad
  • WrapPel® Fabric Base
  • Reusable
  • Merrowed Edges
  • Compatible with Steam Sterilization
  • 100x100 with 47x47 Pad
  • 100% Polyester
  • Color: Blue

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