Teen Pediatric Patient Gowns

Variety of sizes and colors to fit any facility or patient鈥檚 need

  • 100% woven FR ChildGuard fabric combines safety, comfort, and durability
  • FR chemical is California Prop 65 compliant
  • Available with and without I.V. sleeves
  • Sizes range from M-L

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We offer a diverse selection of reusable pediatric hospital gowns and apparel, designed to provide comfort and confidence for younger patients as well as lasting quality and durability for healthcare facilities. Our children’s hospital gowns and apparel meet U.S. federal flammability requirements for children’s sleepwear. 

Our Teen Pediatric Patient Gowns feature ChildGuard® fabric, which is 100% woven FR Polyester that is California Prop 65 compliant and creates a gown that maximizes patient safety, comfort, and durability. These teen hospital gowns are designed in two sizes to fit “tweens” and teens that still require flame retardant protection.  

The available gown options include I.V. sleeves and neck binding. Available in a Medium size with Blue color or a Large size with Aqua color.  

  • Teen Hospital Gowns   
  • Woven ChildGuard® Fabric 
  • 100% FR Polyester  
  • FR Chemical is California Prop 65 Compliant 
  • Available with I.V. Sleeves and Neck Binding 
  • Sizes: M-L 
  • Colors: Aqua, Blue 

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