Terry Self-Closure Clothing Protectors

Protect residents鈥 & patients鈥 clothing with soft, easy-to-wear terry clothing protectors

  • Self-closure takes away the hassle of snaps, ties, or velcro
  • Choose from 100% Cotton or 86% Cotton/14% Polyester
  • Four unique colors and patterns to fit any environment
  • Sizes range from 17″x27″ to 20″x36″

Everything You
Need To Know

Healthcare staff who work at senior living, long-term care and other healthcare facilities often utilize clothing protectors and bibs to help protect residents’ and patients’ clothes while eating. We offer lined and unlined clothing protectors in a variety of fabrics, with options for velcro, snap, tie, or self-closures. These washable, reusable clothing protectors, often known as adult bibs, are an excellent alternative to wasteful disposable bibs.  

The Terry Self-Closure Clothing Protector is an excellent, convenient option that eliminates the need to struggle with snaps, ties, or velcro closures. These protectors come with bound edges as well as a choice between 100% Cotton or 86% Cotton/14% Polyester construction.  

Available in 4 unique colors and patterns in sizes ranging from a standard 17″x27″ up to a generous 20″x36″ which offers greater coverage on both the user’s shirt and lap. 

  • Self Closure
  • No Snap, Tie, or Velcro
  • Bounded Hemmed Edges    
  • Available in 100% Cotton or 86% Cotton/14% Polyester  
  • Sizes: 17″x27″, 17″x38″, 18″x36″, or 20″x36
  • Colors: White, Blue, Carnival Stripe, Multi-Color 

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