Texturized Knitted Sheets

Texturized fitted sheets provide a unique look & feel, plus a secure fit that lasts

  • Texturized knitted fitted sheet
  • Bleached white听
  • Choose from 19 oz or 24 oz
  • 52% Polyester/48% Cotton
  • 36″x81″x13″听

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Our texturized knit fitted sheeting provides a unique look and feel that is built to last. These sheets are bleached white and feature a polyester-rich construction for added strength and durability. Featuring a fabric composition of 52% Polyester/48% Cotton, these sheets provide reinforced strength while ensuring patient comfort and breathability are never sacrificed.    

Available in 36″x81″x13″ with weight options of 19 oz and 24 oz.   

  • Healthcare Texturized Fitted Sheets 
  • Knitted 
  • Bleached White   
  • 52% Polyester/48% Cotton  
  • 36″x81″x13″ 
  • Choose from 19 oz or 24 oz 

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