Truval® Underpads

Discover true value with these incredibly fast wicking, extraordinarily durable underpads

  • Only underpad made with Capillary Surface Material, dramatically enhancing wicking performance
  • Extraordinary durability with 100% synthetic materials
  • Laminated, inseparable layers provide enhanced durability and extended surface life听
  • Napped barrier prevents slipping and sliding, particularly on knit sheets听听
  • 100% Polyester face fabric and soaker layer

Everything You
Need To Know

TruVal® is the only underpad on the market made with Capillary Surface Materials, a special class of novel cross-section yarns that dramatically enhance wicking performance. The extraordinary durability of the all-synthetic fabrics is enhanced even further by the laminated unipad construction, which also extends service life and reduces mechanical damage. 

It is equipped with a napped barrier that prevents slipping and sliding, particularly on knit sheets. TruVal® folds more easily and efficiently, and lays flatter and more comfortably beneath the patient.  

Available in two sizes, 33″x36″ and an oversized 36″x41″ pad that allows for secured grip and safe shifting or repositioning of patients. 

  • Washable, Reusable Underpad 
  • Laminated Unipad Fabrication 
  • 100% Polyester Softmesh Knit Face Fabric 
  • 100% Polyester High-Tech Reservoir Soaker Made with Capillary Surface Materials 
  • Napped Green Polyknit Vinyl Barrier 
  • Scalloped Diamond Quilt Pattern 
  • Merrowed 
  • Square Corners 
  • 7 oz Soaker 
  • Sizes: 33″x36″, 36″x41″ 

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