Versatility® Fitted Sheets

Discover a longer lasting, easier-to-use fitted sheet alternative without elastic

  • Never replace a fitted sheet due to worn-out elastic again!
  • Patented stretch-and-recovery weave creates an innovative fitted sheet alternative
  • No latex, spandex, or elastic
  • Centium Core Technology delivers a soft cotton exterior with a core of unrivaled microfilament strength
  • 60% Ring Spun Cotton/40% Centium Microfilament
  • Wide range of sizes to allow for both healthcare and hospitality usage

Everything You
Need To Know

桃子视频’s Versatility® Contour Sheets give you all the function of a fitted sheet without elastic, latex, or spandex. This fitted sheet alternative combines comfort, durability, and operational advantages in a unique woven fabric that stretches to fit simply and securely on a variety of mattress styles and sizes.

Unlike conventional woven fabrics that require the use of elastic bands or bindings, the inherent stretch-and-recovery characteristics woven into the Versatility® fabric allow us to fabricate this revolutionary fitted sheet alternative. Without elastic, this fitted sheet will never need to be discarded due to broken or overstretched bands.

As if these features weren’t enough, the Versatility® fitted sheet alternative allows you to rest easy knowing you’ve invested in one of the most durable, long-lasting contour sheets on the market. Featuring our Centium Core Technology®, this product boasts a soft cotton exterior with a core of polyester microfilament. This delivers unsurpassed durability and longevity, while maintaining all the cool comforts of cotton.

The end result is a genuinely unique fitted sheet alternative that sleeps great, is easily and quickly secured to the mattress, and which will endure more processing cycles than any competitive woven contour sheet.

  • Fitted Sheet Without Elastic
  • Patented Stretch-and-Recovery Weave
  • No Latex, Spandex, or Elastic
  • Centium Core Technology®
  • 60% Ring Spun Cotton/40% Centium Microfilament
  • EZ ID® Color-Coded Labels for Easy Size Identification
  • Self-Bound
  • Natural Finish
  • Size Options Range from 36″x84″x12″ to Standard King
  • Available Colors: White

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