Vinyl-Barrier Clothing Protectors

Soft 100% Cotton face combines with vinyl barrier for superior clothing protection

  • Velcro closure provides secure fit
  • Vinyl barrier provides added liquid protection
  • Bound edges
  • 100% cotton face
  • 20″x36″ with Carnival Stripe design

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Healthcare staff who work at senior living, long-term care and other healthcare facilities often utilize clothing protectors and bibs to help protect residents’ and patients’ clothes while eating. We offer lined and unlined clothing protectors in a variety of fabrics, with options for velcro, snap, tie, or self-closures. These washable, reusable clothing protectors, often known as adult bibs, are an excellent alternative to wasteful disposable bibs.  

Our Vinyl-Barrier Clothing Protector is an excellent option for residents or patients that need considerable coverage and protection. Measuring 20”x36”, this clothing protector offers greater coverage on both the user’s shirt and lap. Velcro closure provides a simpler, more secure fit than alternative closure styles. This protector offers bound edges as well as the softness of 100% Cotton fabric on its face. The added 100% vinyl barrier backing provides enhanced liquid and stain protection.  

 Available in Carnival Stripe design.    

  • Velcro Closure 
  • 100% Vinyl Barrier 
  • Bound Edges    
  • 100% Cotton Face
  • 20″x36″ 
  • Carnival Stripe 

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