WrapPel® SingleWrap® Surgical Wrappers

Combine both your surgical wrappers in a single, convenient, dual-ply wrapper

  • Ideal for wrapping surgical instrument sets, instrument trays and textile packs听
  • Dual-ply technology eliminates the need for separate wrappers听
  • WrapPel ripstop fabric is durable, liquid resistant and virtually lint free
  • Reusable wrappers are compatible with industrial processing and steam sterilization听
  • Sizes range from 18″x18″ to 54″x54″听

Everything You
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The new standard in wrapping surgical packs. 

Patented WrapPel® SingleWrap® surgical wrappers are the industry’s only dual-ply, reusable, liquid-resistant surgical wrappers. Folding, inspection, and pack-making are simple and fast, resulting in substantial overall savings in labor, as well as reduced acquisition costs.  

The multi-filament synthetic texturized yarns are virtually lint free and the ripstop-weave fabric includes ESD (electro-static dissipative) yarns. 

桃子视频’s WrapPel® SingleWrap® Surgical Wrappers are liquid-resistant and virtually lint free. They feature two-toned color-coded edges to help simplify size identification and a QCM grid for monitoring laundering cycles.  

Available in sizes ranging from 18″x18″ to 54″x54″ in a vat-dyed, long-lasting blue color. 

Our reusable surgical wrappers provide many benefits over disposable products, including a lower cost per use, reduction of medical waste, and a smaller environmental footprint. Compatible with industrial laundering and steam sterilization, our durable wrappers provide lasting protection, procedure after procedure. 

  • Ideal for Wrapping Surgical Instrument Sets, Instrument Trays and Textile Packs  
  • Reusable  
  • Compatible with Industrial Laundering and Steam Sterilization    
  • Dual-Ply 
  • Features WrapPel® Ripstop Fabric  
  • Liquid Resistant 
  • Virtually Lint Free 
  • ESD Yarns 
  • Color Coded Merrowed Edge    
  • 100% Polyester       
  • Sizes: 18″x18″, 24″x24″, 30″x30″, 36″x36″, 45″x45″, 54″x54″ 
  • Color: Blue 

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