WrapPel® Surgical Drapes

Commonly used for a wide variety of non-specific applications in & around surgery

  • Non-fenestrated drape used as supplementary drapes to maintain a sterile field away from the surgical site
  • Ripstop fabric with static control carbon yarns
  • AAMI Level 2
  • 100% Polyester听
  • Various sizes available

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Our drapes and covers provide healthcare professionals with the ultimate performance in breathable, reusable, liquid-resistant surgical products. Covers and draping systems are designed by physicians to provide various sizes of fenestration and protection for a majority of procedures. 

WrapPel® Drape Sheets are rectangular, single-ply, non-fenestrated drapes made with ripstop textured polyester. These drapes are commonly used for a wide variety of non-specific applications in and around surgery, including as limb covers, instrument/equipment covers, anesthesia screens, large outer pack wrappers, and other ancillary surface coverings.   

Convenient features include steam sterilization compatible, color-coded merrowed edges for easy size identification, rounded corners, and a 75 block QCM grid for tracking wash/dry cycles.  

These blue drape sheets meet AAMI Level 2 standards and are available in four sizes: 46″x72″, 62″x72″, 60″x90″, and 72″x104″.  

  • Non-Fenestrated Rectangular Drape 
  • Steam Sterilization Compatible 
  • Single Ply 
  • Ripstop Textured Polyester with ESD Yarns 
  • Color-Coded Merrowed Edges on Four Sides 
  • Rounded Corners 
  • 75 Block QCM Grid 
  • AAMI Level 2  
  • 100% Polyester   
  • Available in Four Sizes: 46″x72″, 62″x72″, 60″x90″, and 72″x104″
  • Color: Blue    

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