Caron® II Pillows

Discover antimicrobial protection & unmatched comfort with our plushest healthcare pillow

  • Generous 19 oz fill makes Caron II our most plush healthcare pillow
  • Vented inverted seams and hemmed ends ensure breathability and durability听听听听听听
  • Nylon ticking easily wipes clean and provides superior comfort
  • Liquid resistant and antimicrobial ticking听
  • Flame resistant in accordance with CAL 117 standards听
  • 100% garnetted Polyester fill

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Comfort and support in healthcare environments are a crucial aspects of patient care. Provide both to your patients with the Caron® II Pillow, our most plush healthcare pillow. This pillow is specifically designed to give patients a more “at home” feeling as opposed to traditional institutional pillows.    

The secret is in the nylon ticking, which provides a softer pillow as opposed to vinyl and polypropylene. This high-quality ticking is built to withstand the rigors of healthcare—it easily wipes clean and features liquid resistance, flame resistance (CAL 117 standard), and antimicrobial properties. In addition, Caron® II takes protection even further by adding antimicrobial properties to the pillow’s fill.   

As if these features weren’t enough, micro-vented seams ensure adequate breathability for patients while inverted seams and hemmed ends provide added durability and enhanced liquid protection.   

The Caron® II plush healthcare pillow features a 100% garnetted Polyester fill and blue nylon ticking. Available in size 20″x26″ with a generous 19 oz fill.    

  • Plush Healthcare Pillow
  • Liquid Resistant 
  • Flame Resistant in Accordance with CAL 117 Standards 
  • 100% Nylon Ticking  
  • Antimicrobial Ticking and Fill  
  • Wipe Clean 
  • Micro-Vented, Inverted Seams 
  • Hemmed Ends  
  • 100% Garnetted Polyester Fill (19 oz) 
  • Available Color: Blue 
  • Available Size: 20″x26

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