Double Cam Bath Towels

Choose from two unique double cam patterns & a variety of sizes/weights

  • Hard-working, traditional double cam border design
  • Cotton-rich composition with optional added polyester for strength
  • Pre-laundered options available, eliminating the need for up-front processing
  • Bath towels available in a variety of sizes and weights

Everything You
Need To Know

Our healthcare towels were created for unsurpassed comfort, superior performance, and higher operational savings. Utilizing innovative technology, each towel perfectly balances performance and comfort.

These Double Cam Bath Towels feature a recognizable cam border with a twist—2 unique double cam designs. Choose a traditional matching double cam border or a design that features a wider inner cam and a narrow band outer cam. These attractive, unique patterns are sure to provide a look that matches any healthcare environment.

In addition to unique designs, these Double Cam Bath Towels also give you the ability to select just the right composition, size, and weight to meet your patient’s expectations. Composition options include 100% Cotton or 86-85% Cotton/14-15% Polyester, with weights ranging from 5.0 lb per dozen up to 8.0 lb per dozen. Available in sizes 20″x40″, 22″x44″, and 24″x48″.

Several of our Double Cam Bath Towels also come pre-laundered, utilizing a proprietary validated process that launders and dries the terry fabric prior to packaging. This process is QA inspected and performed in a clean room environment, ensuring each towel is delivered to you clean and ready for immediate use.

  • 2 Unique Double Cam Border Designs
  • Choose from 100% Cotton, 86% Cotton/14% Polyester, or 85% Cotton/15% Polyester
  • Pre-Laundered Options Available
  • Bath Towel Sizes include 20″x40″, 22″x44″, and 24″x48″
  • Various Weights Ranging from 5.0 lb/Dozen up to 8.0 lb/Dozen

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